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Biogas East, a regional NGO promoting biomethane in mid eastern Sweden since 2008, aims to strengthen cooperation between municipalities, producers, distributors and end users of biomethane, thereby increasing the number of production plants, filling stations and vehicle fleets fuelled by biomethane.

The project's objective is to coordinate dialogue between stakeholders, evaluate the market and realize various operative projects in effort to increase the production and use of biomethane.

Biogas East is inspired by the examples of Biogas West and Biogas South. These ventures have proven to be effective in creating a close network among automotive companies, gas producers and public authorities, which has catalyzed the transition to alternative driven transport systems within their respective region.

The main goal of Biogas East is to promote the expansion of this new green market by acheiving the goals set by the project's steering group.  These goals include, but are not limited to, increasing the number of biomethane filling stations in the region by two hundred seventy percent and replacing ten percent of the region's current petroleum based vehicle fuel with biomethane by 2020. The benefits of these acheived goals will be great and will result in the creation of new jobs, and a yearly reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 650,000 tons.  

Download our brochure with case studies of Swedish biomethane filling stations

For more information contact project manager Beatrice Torgnyson Klemme
+46 733 97 06 25





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